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Two Twin Models | Editorial Boston Portrait Photographer



My dedication to delivering outstanding work is evidenced in my portfolio. My primary focus lies in portraiture and event photography. Under these umbrellas fall a strong variety of services that I offer. Explore my concert, portrait, and event portfolios below.

Massachusetts Portrait & Event Photographer

Your Personalized Photographic Experience – What to Expect:

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My Background

My passion for photography took root in 2016, and I proudly launched my professional services in 2020.

With a rich portfolio spanning over 8 years and hundreds of professional projects, my experience ranges from capturing moments with global celebrities to covering significant events. My commitment to artistry is consistent, regardless of the project's scale, ensuring every client receives the highest level of creativity and professionalism.

Comfort is KEY

Worried about camera-shyness? Don't be. 

My approach ensures your comfort and confidence. 

Rest assured, I'll be your biggest cheerleader, but that doesn't mean I'll sugarcoat things. You'll receive genuine feedback paired with unwavering encouragement. If something isn't quite right, you'll hear it from me. This ensures you can relax during the shoot, confident that I've got your best interests at heart. No need to worry about the occasional "off" moment – they happen to everyone. That's where I step in, guiding your poses and ensuring you're comfortable throughout the process. Just relax and trust the flow; it's all good.



I employ state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the quality of your final photographs will be nothing short of exceptional.

I work with the highest-grade hardware and software in the industry, producing final images suitable for everything from intimate postcards to grand-scale billboards. I edit every photo individually, ensuring your final gallery tells a cohesive story.

Tailored Shoot Plan

Setting the stage for photos you'll love.

I offer comprehensive creative consultation, including photoshoot themes, location scouting, brand alignment, and even marketing strategies, all tailored to your specific needs.


Online Gallery & Print Store

Download. Print. Share.

Your final photographs will be showcased in a bespoke online gallery, designed for ease of use and seamless accessibility. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited downloads at no extra cost, and share your cherished memories with anyone you choose. With the added convenience of a built-in professional print store, you can easily turn your memories into tangible keepsakes. Choose from a variety of options like elegant albums or canvas prints, all fulfilled by the industry's leading print labs.

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We had David shoot an annual staff photo and he did a spectacular job of capturing the traditional style we use. The photos were lovely and David was incredible to work with!! Could not recommend enough.


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